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January 25th, 2017 

Happy New Year everyone! Yes, we're still alive here despite the long quiet period on the website. That started back in September when we opened the October Pumpkins up for ordering and promptly sold enough to keep us busy right through December (I still have some to finish even NOW...). Then came the Yule Pipes and that was December stretching over into January and, well, here we are. For those folks not on our email list, there's a considerable backstory to how we've managed to get so behind schedule but the simplified version is that my wife's parents are both quite elderly and began having all sorts of health problems last year, one of which was my father-in-law falling and breaking his arm in multiple places, which resulted in him being confined to a recovery home for most of last year (and he's still there now). This has soaked up a LOT of our working time, running errands for them and visiting and generally being full/part-time caregivers. This month got even more ridiculous when both my wife and my mother-in-law fell sick, leaving me trying to keep up with multiple households, everyone's medical issues, and somehow run the business at the same time. So... Everything's happening a bit slow at the moment. I have, however, managed to finish a pair of new Ligne Bretagne Uniques which are posted on the website HERE.

Fingers crossed for a better February!


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